Design Centre



 Tag Gun

 Tag Pins Various Colours Available 7mm - 65mm Tag Gun Needles fin and Regular Available
 Hancock Chalk Available in White, Blue, Yellow, Red and Black aswell as Hancock Wax MC Thompson Tailor Chalk Available in White, Blue, Yellow and Red Chalk Sharpner

 Bunny Punch

 Pattern Notcher

 Loop Pin


 Pattern Hook

 Office Pins and Brass Nickel Plated Pins Available Tape Measures
 15 cm Metal Ruler French Curved Ruler 


L-Square Ruler


Multi-Function Ruler

Curved Ruler



 Vary Form Curved Ruler

 1 M Metal Ruler

 T - Ruler 1M


 L - Square Ruler


 Inch / Metric Grid Ruler

 Golden Eagle Thread Nippers Touro Tesoura Ball Bearing Thread Nippers

 Touro Tesoura Pinking Shears


 12 Inch Shears


 Pattern Board Cutting Shears


 Pattern Board Cutting Shears